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What are the symptoms of genital herpes?
Date Added: July 14, 2011 03:58:32 PM
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When activated, the virus produces visible lesions in the genital area. Usually, the symptoms of this disease which manifests itself may vary from one person to another. Thus, many people may face a lack of symptoms, while others develop severe symptoms.

But when these symptoms manifested by the appearance of lesions in the form of "blisters" linked "in the bunch" in the genital or anal area that burst and heal in a few weeks.

Pay attention to initial symptoms!
In most cases, when a person is first infected with genital herpes symptoms will develop in the first two weeks of contacting the infection. But until then, these are the main signs that you should care:

    * Fever and flu symptoms;
    * Itching, burning and discomfort in the genital area;
    * Abnormal vaginal discharge in women;
    * Sensitive and swollen lymph nodes;
    * A feeling of pressure in the abdominal area.

So, remember that the first signs are usually a few days before skin lesions develop. These lesions may extend into the vagina and cervix (in women) and urinary tract (men) and can be completed with states such as:

    * Fever;
    * Swollen lymph nodes;
    * Itching and pain in the genital area;
    * Abnormal vaginal discharge;
    * Muscle aches
    * Pain or burning during urination.

The main problem in the case of this disease is just impossible to get rid of it. Is curable, but once contacted genital herpes not go away. After the active period, the virus crosses the spinal nerves and remains dormant for a while in the sensory ganglia, where it is reactivated. Scientists have found that the frequency of relapses there is a downward trend over the years but there are people who continue to face several recurring episodes each year that may occur in situations of physical or emotional stress or any situation that lowers immunity.

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